Power Tower was a one-hour performance, designed for UrbanFestival 10, and taking place simultaneously in the streets of Upper Town and the Lotrscak Tower in Zagreb, Croatia.

In Power Tower, the artist completed a walk in Upper Town based on a pre-determined route. The route covered an area of Upper Town that existed in the Middle Ages and that was taken by many former residents on a daily basis. This route is also where most of today’s administrative buildings of Croatia are located, and as such is heavily controlled by CCTV. While walking this route, the artist avoided as much as possible the unwanted control imposed by CCTV, by for instance walking under or behind the cameras, on the other side of the street, glued next to the wall, etc. At the same time, the audience located in the belvedere of the Lotrscak Tower, warned the artist – through the ringing of a bell – when they saw a human threat approaching. This function is similar to the way the Tower was used in the Middle Ages when a group of watchers observed through a telescope the dangers surrounding Upper Town and warned the residents against them through the ringing of a bell. Once the artist heard the bell, she immediately switched the tracking function on her phone, making herself visible to the audience – as a moving object on a map, as well as walked towards and in front of the CCTV, making herself visible to them, too.

The performance was documented by video, which was screened in Zagreb on 1 April 2010.