The Walking Project is a series of live media performances that took place in various cities in Europe. In each performance the artist conducted a walk in a certain city area, whilst being navigated by a remote audience. During the walk her position was fed-back to the audience in real-time via GPS/Google Maps.

Each walk opened questions about the respective city, such as communication in Tirana, immigration in Bari, de-industrialisation in Bardford, urban development in Belgrade, and surveillance in Zagreb. Thus, each performance was accompanied by a text about the area of the walk.

At its core, The Walking Project explored the aspect of human-human and human-technology interdependence on the one hand and the tension between our desire and fear of both freedom/choice and control/boundaries on the other.

The project originated in 2006, but it only fully developed in mid 2008. So far it has been presented in many cities around the world, including London, Moscow, Mexico City, Cairo and New York, as part of various exhibitions, lectures and screenings.