Trace Place (2009) was a one-hour live interactive performance that took place simultaneously in New Belgrade and the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Serbia, on 31 July 2009.

In Trace Place, the artist performed a walk in the central part of New Belgrade where currently most of Belgrade's construction activity takes place. During her walk, she was navigated by the audience in the Salon that followed her position in real-time on a Google Satellite View of New Belgrade. While walking, she also took pictures of new buildings with her mobile phone (many of which were not yet visible on the Satellite View) and sent them in real-time to the Salon.

Combining juxtapositions such as past and present, real and virtual, and visible and invisible the piece reflected on New Belgrade’s rapid changes and urban development, and questioned the power and limitations of modern technology.

The performance was documented by video, which was screened in the Salon between 7 August 2009 and 6 September 2009.