Date : Create (2008) was a one-hour performance designed for the Puglia Biennale in May 2008 in Bari, Italy.

In Date : Create the gallery audience was asked to insert their date of birth in a computer programme in order to trigger a sound. The sound was transmitted live via a mobile phone to the artist who was located in the city centre. Depending on the frequency of the sound (i.e. very high, high, medium and low sounds) she walked back, left, straight or right within the city.

With the help of GPS technology and the Internet the audience in the gallery was able to see as a moving dot on a map where the artist was going and to interact with her in real-time, creating an action-reaction effect. The piece demonstrated how personal data from anonymous people can affect the individual and her personal experience.

Date : Create was documented by video, which was screened in the Fiera del Levante between 22 May 2008 and 31 May 2008.